Prof. Ing. Karel MICHÁLEK, CSc.

VŠB - Technická univerzita Ostrava, Česká republika, EU

Since 1979 employed at Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic; now as a full professor and head of Department of Metallurgy and Foundry. He has lectured and trained subjects: Electrometallurgy and production of ferroalloys, Steel Metallurgy, Modelling of metallurgical processes, Cleanliness of steel. Responsible head of more than 15 grant projects supported mainly by the Grant Agency of Czech Republic and Technological Agency of Czech Republic. Participation on several international grant projects. Rich cooperation with metallurgical companies in area of metallurgical process modelling e.g. fluid flow phenomena in the tundish, optimization of fluid flow, minimization of transition zone in the CC blanks, optimization of argon blowing into ladle etc. Author and coauthor more than 300 publications.